Emmanuel Student Ministry

We exist to Love Families, Train Students and Shape Servants.

As students, you are bombarded with information, in school and out, from bill boards to the big screen and everything in between. You literally have unlimited info at your fingertips.

How do you filter through all that information?

Emmanuel Student Ministry offers a safe place for you to come ask questions, hear the life transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ and learn what it means to walk in freedom and obedience to Him through His word. We are here to partner with you and your parents in helping you grow into godly young men or women.

ESM meets for Sunday Morning Bible Study at

9:00am and 12:00pm in B3

ESM meets Tuesday Nights at 6:30pm

Tuesday Night gatherings run from Fall - Spring

Why Student Ministry?

So much of today's thinking in student ministry is different than it was 20 years ago. Eating goldfish, iPod incentives, fog machines, and even chubby bunny are being reconsidered as the approach to youth ministry grows up. While it's easy to find a local student ministry that still practices some of these techniques, more and more ministries are changing.

Why Does Student Ministry Exist?

The vision of ESM is to encourage and support parents to raise godly teenagers, to see students engage in the word of God for themselves and to become servant leaders in the church and in their communities.

Jesus modeled the best practice for the Church. His discipleship did not depend on the latest book, the newest game, or the best icebreaker. Instead, His model relied on the spiritual health of the leader, and His willingness to spend time investing Himself, His love, and His truth in them.

We need Volunteers!

Students don't respond to curriculum, they respond to relationships. Caring people with a heart for children are the most effective influence. Serving as a children's ministry volunteer is both a rewarding and special experience. You'll find that you are more than you thought you ever could be.

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