SST 2019: Day 1 of The Amazing Race

What a day! A total of 118 leaders and kids gathered for Day 1 of Super Summer Time! We sang, we learned from God’s word, we had our snacks and memorized our verse for today:

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Romans 3:23

We were transported to South America (in our imaginations) and got to meet Bo the Anaconda who reminds us that nobody runs the race of life perfectly. We all sin and need Jesus the Savior. I led our small group teaching time where we talked about the cycle of sin. God made everything perfect and created man without sin and providing all things freely for them and gave them but one ‘no’, “no-Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil“.

Adam and Eve, the first two people, tempted by the snake decided to disobey God and sin entered the world effecting everything and everyone from that day forward. We learned of the effect of sin when Cain killed his brother able because he was jealous then how God washed away all the evil people who only thought and did what they knew was sinful and finally the disobedience of the world as they came together and decided to build a tower reaching heaven so they would not spread out all the earth as God told them.

Tomorrow we’ll finish the account of the Tower of Babel and learn how God provided a loving roadblock at the tower of Babel, which caused people to move all over the world. But we are still part of the same family.

Thank you to all of the leaders and parents who made today one to remember. God is good and worthy to be praised. Please pray for us as we rest and look forward to day 2.

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