Super Summer Time: The Incredible Race

What Is Super Summer Time?

A few years ago Emmanuel Bible Church decided to rename Vacation Bible School (VBS) to Super Summer Time because who wants to go to school in the summer? I did not grow up in an evangelical church so I was in no way familiar with VBS. Even after, the church I was a part of did not call it VBS either. All I ever knew the event as was Super Summer Time or SST and it was just that for me and the kids. It was so exciting to hear our Children’s Ministry Director scream out to the kids, “Boys and girls do you know what time it is?” And they would respond, “SUPER SUMMER TIME!!!!”

I shared with you all last year that I volunteered for the first time just months after I became a believer. The pastor challenged the congregation to serve even if it meant taking the week off work, and that is exactly what I did. Having very little Bible knowledge and only fervor to carry me along, the Spirit of God taught me some deep truths that summer through the more seasoned believers and the lessons that they shared that week at Super Summer Time. Over the years, I have been part of and even led VBS/SST and I love it every time. To see kids jumping, singing and genuinely happy for 5 days and learning about our Most High God and His Word is like nothing else. It is something to be part of team working together in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform rooms and our sanctuary into another time and place that fits into our SST theme for the week.

What’s This Year’s Theme?

This year’s Super Summer Time Theme is:

The Incredible Race: One Family, One Race, One Savior

This year’s theme is so fitting in light of the division that exists in our world and even our churches because of what some see as different races. The Scriptures teach us that we are one human race and one family in the person of Jesus Christ who is the One Savior of the World! Children will learn how we all came from the first two people God crated and placed in perfect garden, our fall from grace, how different peoples and cultures came to be and most importantly God’s promise and fulfillment of the promise to redeem the human race through one who would be just like us yet without the debt of sin to pay for Himself.

Want to know what’s happening?

Lord willing, I will be posting a daily update as to what we learned, some highlights and pics for each day here on this blog. Check in daily to see what happened and what to look forward to concerning Super Summer Time 2019!

Are you ready to join us?

Every year we embark on this insane endeavor to gather as many children as will come under the banner Super Summer Time (VBS). Generating excitement for the kids to come is not too difficult. For the most part it is all of you, the parents, family and friends of the kids, that hype them up and bring them to the event and we are grateful for you!

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