There is something amazing about being part of the local church. The opportunity to gather, worship and open God’s Word is a privilege not everyone gets to enjoy on a weekly or even biweekly basis. As a group, our youth not only gather for Sunday worship but we gather on Tuesday Nights as well. We have a staff that is dedicated to love families, train students and shape servants but that does not mean we always do what we do as God’s vessels. There are times that God will allow us to feel the weight of His work in such a way that we realize we should not and cannot do His work without His power and presence flowing through us. We can get confident in our skill set and forget that the Holy Spirit is the One who has gifted the Body as He so wills.

Yesterday was one of those days. We met as a youth group and nothing worked! We went through a tablet and three different computers before we realized, we only need the word of God and the Spirit of God, which are both supplied graciously to every believer, everything else is just icing on the cake. As a leader I was reminded that, we cannot just step into the role of leadership without first setting ourselves apart and commending ourselves to God and the work He has called us to do. If all goes wrong and all we can do is think of what we could have done better we are in a bad place but if we have set ourselves apart to God’s work and are trusting in Him and all goes wrong then we can rest knowing we have done what we are called to.

We started a new apologetic lesson series Tuesday nights called “Debunked” and although I believe the devil is not pleased with our subject matter it was for God’s glory and our edification that things did not work as we planned, thank you Jesus.

We love your teenagers and are committed to encouraging and supporting you as parents to raise godly teenagers, to see them engage in the word of God for themselves and to see students become servant leaders in the Church and in their communities.

Please pray for us as the Spirit leads.

Your Fellow Servant,



Family Ministry Pastor