Our very own Emmanuel Student Ministry and staff have been given the honor of leading and serving all three Sunday services this coming weekend a task we do not take lightly and have been preparing for some time. We look forward to seeing our middle and high schoolers doing the very things that their parents or other adults are usually responsible for. You will see our students greeting at the front doors, passing out bulletins, sharing the announcements and more and I will deliver the message the 1st and 2nd hour.  
For too long our teenagers have been treated as if they are lost in the middle.They are not yet considered adults yet refuse to be treated like children. This was not always the case, there was a time and still is in many cultures throughout the world that you are either a child or an adult. Although we live in a different time and some good may have come from this season of life for a teenager it does not mean that they can not be expected to accomplish tasks and be responsible for themselves and others. Some would excuse their behavior saying, what do you expect they’re only teenagers. My question is what are we expecting of our students/teenagers? Much like the old saying goes, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”, so if we expect nothing from our teenagers that’s exactly what they will deliver. 
We exist to Love Families,Train Students and Shape Servants.

The vision of ESM is to encourage and support parents to raise godly teenagers, to see students engage in the word of God for themselves and to see students become servant leaders in the church and in their communities.

This coming Sunday we will give our Students a time to shine and show you that they are much more than just teenagers. Please join me in praying for them as they prepare to serve, that our Lord would be glorified and   that the Holy Spirit will transform lives as His people gather to worship and His word is proclaimed. 

Until this Sunday- Lord willing,

Miguel Crespo 

Family Ministry Pastor